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Many factors play a role in postpartum depression.

Regardless of the reason, it is a difficult experience. The common symptoms include:
  • 1. Continuous feelings of sadness and uncontrollable crying
  • 2. Severe sleep problems – inability to sleep or sleeping too much
  • 3. Changes in appetite – eating too little or too much
  • 4. Excessive irritability, anger, worry, or agitation
  • 5. Extreme lack of energy and motivation
  • 6. Inability to get pleasure from previously enjoyed activities
  • 7. Lack of interest in the baby, friends, and family
  • 8. Extreme feelings of guilt, worthlessness, despair, or hopelessness Inability to concentrate or make decisions
  • 9. Thoughts of harming the baby or yourself


No one should feel alone if they have the “baby blues”.

Contact us today to speak with someone who can help.


What can you expect when you come in for a post partum depression appointment?

  • 1. Upon arrival you will be offered a hot or cold drink.
  • 3. We will discuss the post partum depression sessions available to you and give you some resources to take home.
  • 2. We will do an initial intake to get to know you, discussing the basic information about your postpartum experiences.